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Sold out14K Gold Filled Hoop Earrings - Reca14K Gold Filled Hoop Earrings - Reca
14K Gold Filled Hoops Earrings Sale price$57.00 NZD
Mini Star Studs - Reca
Mini Star Studs Sale price$39.00 NZD
Gold Paper Clip Bracelet - RecaGold Paper Clip Bracelet - Reca
Gold Paper Clip Bracelet Sale price$79.00 NZD
Sold outCZ adjustable ring - RecaCZ adjustable ring - Reca
CZ adjustable ring Sale price$64.00 NZD
Love & Courage Bracelet - RecaLove & Courage Bracelet - Reca
Love & Courage Bracelet Sale priceFrom $54.00 NZD
Disc RingDisc Ring
Disc Ring Sale price$49.00 NZD
Sold outMixed Gemstones BraceletMixed Gemstones Bracelet
Mixed Gemstones Bracelet Sale price$85.00 NZD
Gold Bar Bracelet - RecaGold Bar Bracelet - Reca
Gold Bar Bracelet Sale price$79.00 NZD
Sold outTextured Paper Clip Bracelet
Textured Paper Clip Bracelet Sale price$109.00 NZD
White Jade NecklaceWhite Jade Necklace
White Jade Necklace Sale price$259.00 NZD
Sold outGold Coin BraceletGold Coin Bracelet
Gold Coin Bracelet Sale price$119.00 NZD
Textured Curved Bar NecklaceTextured Curved Bar Necklace
Textured Curved Bar Necklace Sale price$104.00 NZD
Oval Chain Drop Earrings
Oval Chain Drop Earrings Sale price$99.00 NZD
Horse shoe charm earringa
Horse shoe charm earringa Sale price$99.00 NZD
Nautical Whisper Earrings
Nautical Whisper Earrings Sale price$99.00 NZD
Threader Earrings with Anchor CharmThreader Earrings with Anchor Charm
Paper clip chain stud rarringsPaper clip chain stud rarrings
Paper clip chain stud rarrings Sale price$99.00 NZD
Sold outStar of Ishtar Charm NecklaceStar of Ishtar Charm Necklace
Star of Ishtar Charm Necklace Sale price$119.00 NZD
Olive Branch Charm NecklaceOlive Branch Charm Necklace
Olive Branch Charm Necklace Sale price$114.00 NZD
2 Row Multi-Layered Necklace Detangler2 Row Multi-Layered Necklace Detangler
Tree of Life Charm Necklace
Tree of Life Charm Necklace Sale price$139.00 NZD
Sold outLarge Gold Plain Chain BraceletLarge Gold Plain Chain Bracelet
Large Gold Plain Chain Bracelet Sale price$79.00 NZD
Gold Plain Chain BraceletGold Plain Chain Bracelet
Gold Plain Chain Bracelet Sale price$89.00 NZD
Sold outLong & Short Cable Chain BraceletLong & Short Cable Chain Bracelet