We connect you with beautiful, minimalist, quality handcrafted products that support women who are building better lives for themselves. Our aim is to open up a world of socially conscious and ethical choices for the modern Kiwi women.

Because we care, because we are Reca.


Our Story

When I was a little girl growing up in Myanmar, there was (and still is) a strong stereotype of how a woman should portray herself. Despite this, I was influenced by many strong women in my life, especially my mother and aunty. She always taught me to be independent, and to stick up for myself.
One of the first memories I have after arriving in New Zealand is being inspired. It was amazing to be in a country with so many opportunities for women. Seeing women succeed still inspires me to this day, and I want other women to feel as empowered as I have.
This is the core of Reca. We either craft our own pieces, or we give back and support independent businesses that pay fair wages to women who haven’t had the same opportunities as we have. Something as small as a pair of earrings can mean financial independence for the artisans we source our products from.