Founded in beautiful New Zealand, Reca is more than just a fashion label; it's an embodiment of ethical elegance and a testament to the resilient spirit of women globally and the well-being of our planet.

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Ethical, Quality Jewellery

Almost all of our jewellery is hand-crafted right here in New Zealand. We empower and upskill remarkable individuals, usually former refugees, translating their passion into stunning, empowering pieces. And rest assured, we're committed to providing a living wage — valuing the dedication and essence behind every handcrafted item.

Alongside this, a notable portion of our curated jewellery collection hails from the Tayo Collective, meticulously created by the courageous survivors of sex trafficking in the Philippines. Their strength and resilience shine through each piece, reminding us of the heroes among us.

For these, and the few pieces that aren't hand-crafted, quality assurance is paramount. Our materials are sourced from ISO-certified facilities and are independently tested, ensuring they meet the standards of genuine 14k American Standard Gold-filled or 925 sterling silver. This guarantees that your Reca pieces are not only stylish but enduring and high-quality.

Natural, Ethical, Quality Clothing

Our clothing line is more than just fashion; it's a beacon of hope. We proudly collaborate with social enterprises in Nepal, who not only craft our garments but also champion the empowerment of the women behind them.

By choosing Reca, you support a network that provides these artisans with training, holistic support, and a fair wage. Beyond the individual, our efforts ripple outwards, uplifting families and rejuvenating entire communities, ensuring every stitch weaves a tale of positive impact and enduring legacy.

As stewards for a sustainable future, our clothing line mirrors this commitment. Nearly all of our fabric is made from natural fibres including bamboo, wool, Tencel, and premium cotton. Donning Reca is more than a style choice; it's a commitment to a greener tomorrow.

Our Founder

In essence, Reca transcends being just a brand. It signifies a harmonious blend of style, ethical responsibility, and a touch of sophistication. For those who wear their values as proudly as their style, Reca stands with you. Together, let's redefine fashion, making a positive impact with every stride.

When I was a little girl growing up in Myanmar, there was (and still is) a strong stereotype of how a woman should portray herself. Despite this, I was influenced by many strong women in my life, especially my mother and aunty. She always taught me to be independent, and to stick up for myself.

One of the first memories I have after arriving in New Zealand is being inspired. It was amazing to be in a country with so many opportunities for women. Seeing women succeed still inspires me to this day, and I want other women to feel as empowered as I have.

This is the core of Reca. We either craft our own pieces, or we give back and support independent businesses that pay fair wages to women who haven’t had the same opportunities as we have. Something as small as a pair of earrings can mean financial independence for the artisans we source our products from.