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Commitment to Quality

At Reca, we source the best possible materials for our jewellery. We have a number of gold-filled pieces, gold-plated pieces and Stirling silver pieces in our collection

Reca’s Gold Filled Pieces

Gold-filled jewellery is higher quality than gold-plated jewellery. Gold-filled jewellery has a layer of gold five to ten times thicker than regular gold-plated jewellery, or 15 to 25 times thicker than gold electroplated jewellery.

Because the gold coating with gold-filled jewellery is much thicker than with gold-plated, even with daily wear it can last 10-30 years.

For the products we’ve marked as “Gold-filled”, we have used American Standard gold-filled material from reputable American or Canadian suppliers, which are produced by ISO certified manufacturers and are independently assay tested, so you know that what you are getting is actually gold-filled.

Our makers then craft the beautiful pieces you enjoy today.

Reca’s Stirling Silver Pieces

Pure silver is soft, so silver is usually mixed with other metals to give it more strength. All our silver items are Stirling Silver, which is 92.5% silver by weight.
As a silver item gets less pure (lower than 92.5%), it tarnishes more quickly as the other metals used react with the air. Silver isn’t very reactive, but it does get attacked by pollutants, which shows up as a black tarnish over time.

Reca’s Other Pieces

For items that aren’t gold-filled or Stirling silver, we try and be as transparent as possible about what you’re buying, so check out the product description for more information.