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Article: Reca

Reca - Reca


We connect you with beautiful, minimalist, quality products that support women who are building better lives for themselves. Our aim is to open up a world of socially conscious and ethical choices for the modern Kiwi woman.

Location: New Zealand

We're excited about creating opportunities for women who've had a hard life. The more we can cut out the middle-man, the more that goes to the artisans that help. We're a 100% New Zealand owned business, and our Reca jewellery range is almost exclusively designed and handcrafted in New Zealand.

While our main goal is to give women the opportunity to lead a better life, it's also important to us that we create amazing products that you'll love. We use quality materials, and design our range to be timeless and effortless to make sure it makes you look and feel great.
We train and work with former refugees to make our jewellery pieces, including myself. When you shop with us, you know that you're helping women build a better future for themselves.

For the products outside of our range, we rely on other organisations and marketplaces to bring us the products you love. So how do we make sure the artisans get their fair share?

Many of our suppliers, or the organisations we partner with, are too small or disadvantaged to be certified as 'fair trade'. We've developed a set of principles that we demand from any organisation or artisan we work with:

  • The products are creating opportunities for disadvantaged women
  • There is no forced labour in creating the products
  • There is no child labour used in creating the products
  • The artisans are paid a living wage, or are being paid a fair price for their products
  • They are working in good, safe working conditions
  • Where an organisation has artisans working in their workshop, they need to be is transparent with us and let us visit them to see the working conditions.





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